Saving Your Document
Correctly For
Mrs. Sorrell's Class

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Before you send me any homework via infrared to my PDA I need you to save your documents a certain way. The reason for this is simple if you think about it. Yet three years ago when we started using PDAs we did not think of it until it was too late. Imagine a Friday afternoon and it is time to collect homework. And we are running late, you know Mrs. Sorrell! We all infrared the documents to my PDA and I took them to home to grade. I sit on the couch I grade the first one go to put it in my grade book and I do not know who wrote the journal! All the documents are called the same names. When I look in my File Explorer I have 40 documents called "Journals." And of course, very few put their name on their document when you opened it. :)

  1. When you have a document open go to EDIT and then to Rename/Move.

  1. In the box labeled NAME type in the following code:
  2. The name of your class such as 801, your initials, a code name for the assignment such as SP for spelling and JOR for journals, and the week of the assignment. 
  3. You can also direct the file to save to a certain folder that you have created.
  4. When you are finished hit OK.