Finding e-books
on WWW

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One of the most useful ways to use your Pocket PC is to read e-books on it. Think of all those AR books you need to read this year. You know you always need an AR book with you and what easier way to do that than dragging your book on your PDA? Most books in print are also available on e-book format. You can buy them from Amazon or get free e-books! All pubic domain materials such as books by  Mark Twain and Shakespeare are free as e-books. We will read several in class on our PDA. Here I show you how to drag a book you find on the Internet to your PDA to read.  
I have several links on my Paperless Classroom site to find more free e-book sites. The following tutorial is using the e-book library I consider to be the best, at the University of Virginia. 
  1. On your Internet ready computer go to The University of Virginia's E-book Library 
  2. Scroll down the page to find SEARCH and tap there. 


  1. Where the page reads Search for word or phrase type in a title or author. that you want to find. For example, type in  Macbeth. 
  2. Hit the Submit Query button. 

  1. The site retrieves all the matches for "Macbeth." We want the play written by William Shakespeare so click there. 

  1. Click on second link for the full version of Macbeth. 

  1. To download the e-book tap Download MS Reader E-book. 

  1. Tap SAVE when the dialog box asks you Would you like to open the file or save it to your computer. 
  1. Choose a directory to save them file. I would recommend you first save it to the desktop and then save it somewhere else,  such My Library which works with Reader. * Pay attention to the file name to ensure you can find it after it loads. Like this e-book is called <MobMacb.lit>