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Our Favorite Sites...These are some of our favorite sites. Most of them are resources that we use with our paperless classroom.'s Web Page that is designed to educate PocketPC and WindowsCE users.


Article on Learning in the Palm of you Hand  This site, Internet Public Library, has FREE public domain On-Line Texts. You can get free E-Books for PocketPC users or cut and paste on-line text and drag into a PDA document., the home of WiredGuy Weekly.  A popular e-mail newsletter delivered Pocket PC tips & tricks, download suggestions, and more - directly to your inbox once each week!  This site,, provides tools and services which will simplify and extend the use of your PDA.  This site, AvantGo, let's you browse your favorite Website on your mobile device or download over 400 content channels that have been optimized for your device's small screen.


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Revised: July 03, 2001