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The Eminence Independent School District was established in 1901.  By today's standards, we are one of the smallest school districts in the state.  However, we feel this is an advantage where small class size translates into individualized attention at all levels.  Our students have historically displayed a tradition of high academic achievement and they are very successful in colleges and universities, as well as the world of work.  We believe it is a great place to live, work, and receive a quality education.

The Eminence Schools are recognized regionally, state wide, and nationally for outstanding innovation in education.  The school district has been a member of the National Alliance for Restructuring Education and the National Center for Education and the Economy.  This prestigious membership has provided our school district with numerous opportunities for leadership, pilot demonstrations, recognitions and awards.  In February 2000, Mrs. Mercer and Dr. Frommeyer presented the new Certificate of Initial Mastery at the National Conference of this organization.  We are very proud of this innovative program.  The class of 2000 had the first Certificate of Initial Mastery graduates.

The district was also one of the first districts in the state to change to an alternative calendar.  This calendar has allowed the district to have extended breaks every nine weeks and offers extra assistance to students.   The Wee Warriors Program offers on-site childcare to parents before school, after school, and during all scheduled breaks.  The Family Resource and Youth Services Center continues to address the needs of our school and our community.  The Inter-Agency Taskforce has become a model for the state through the efforts of our FRYSC.


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