Creating Appointments

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Creating Appointments on your PDA is like a virtual planner. Unlike that paper planner you buy at Wal-Mart though it will beep and blink to remind you. Think of Mrs. Sorrell that will nag you to death to remind you to do homework! Unlike Mrs. Sorrell though you can turn the PDA's alarms off. :) 

1. From the Start menu, select Calendar .

2. To create a new appointment go to NEW on the bottom of the command bar. 

  1. Tap on SUBJECT type the event such as "Football Practice." 

  2. Tap LOCATION type the place where the event will occur such as "football field."

  3. Tap and hold the STARTS date to select the date. Tap the down arrow next to it to select a time.

  4. For multiple day events such as BETA club convention or slumber parties you can select an End date and time. Tap and hold the END sate to select a date. tap the down arrow next to it to select a time. 

  5. Tap Type and you can select the TYPE of an event to be all day or normal. 

  6. You can have the PDA remind you by a alarm or message. By default a reminder is set for 15 minutes before the event. For example if you have football practice at 4:00PM it would remind you at 3:45PM. To change the warning time tap the 15 and tap on the down arrow to change the time of the reminder. 

  7. 7. Tap OK at the top right corner of the screen to save the appointment