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The Today page displays your day at a glance with a concise summary of your appointments, tasks, and e-mail messages. It is really good for school use because if you are entering your events and tasks it will tell you as soon as you turn your PDA on what you have scheduled for that day. But your PDA will not come set up with all your info. You have to set it up. 

  1. From the today page tap OWNER set up your personal information. You can also go to SETTINGS and the then to OWNER. This information will come up on a screen as soon as you turn your device on and part of it will display on the Today page. 

  1.  Tap the personal information you want to include. 

You can add NOTES too if you tap the bottom right of the owner page screen. These will appear when you turn your PDA on.

You Tap OK to save changes and return to the TODAY screen.