Hooking Up Your
 PDA to Your PC

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Hooking up your PDA to a desktop computer will allow your PDA to be recognized every time by your computer to quickly back-up data. You first need to load ActiveSync to synchronize. You can load this program by going to my ActiveSync tutorial.  

To get started you need the following materials:

  1. Pocket PC

  2. Cradle or USB cable or serial cable

  3. AC Adapter

  4. Desktop Computer or Laptop

Click here to see video with low-speed connection.

Click here to see video with a high speed connection. 

If you do not have Windows Media Player Click here to Download the software to see the video. 

  1. Connect your cradle/cable to the back of your computer to either its USB or serial port depending on the type of cable you have. Make sure the pins match to keep them from not breaking inside the computer.
  2. Hook up you PDA to its AC adapter to not use too much of your power.
  3. Turn on your PDA. The program should automatically detect the PDA has been hooked up. 

  1. When the computer asks Would you like to set up a partnership click YES and then click NEXT
  1. Check the items you want to synchronize. 
  2. Click NEXT


  1. Check if you have this screen to see if you are finished!
  2. Click FINISHED