Using JOT or Character Recognizer

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1. As you chose the keyboard input, you can also choose another input device. This time pick Character Recognizer
2. From the Start menu, open WORD.
3. Tap the Input Panel icon at the right edge of the Command bar.
4.Tap New to open a new note. 
5.Select the Character Recognize

* Letter Recognizer screen displays horizontal lines for you to write your message. If the Letter Recognizer screen does not open immediately, tap on the icon of a stylus.

 To Write with the most success of the PDA recognizing your handwriting, writing your Capital letters under the big ABC, your lower case letters under the little abc and your numbers under 123. 

9.Separate words by tapping on the spc key on the right side of the screen. If you make a mistake, simply use the delete key located at the upper right corner of the Letter Recognition screen. The Letter Recognition mode includes word recognition to speed your input.