Using Transcriber

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* If your PDA does not have this program go to:
This Microsoft Site
to download it.

Transcriber recognizes cursive script, printing and mixed cursive and printing. Once you get the knack of editing with Transcriber, you can write information quickly in any Pocket PC application.

1.Turn on PDA
Using the Start key on the Pocket PC
3. select the Programs file.
.Select Pocket Word.

6.Tap New on the bottom left of the Command bar.
7.Tap the input selection arrow and select Transcriber. The Transcriber icon is a hand holding a stylus.

8.Place your stylus on the upper left portion of the Word document and start writing.
*You might receive a dialog box on the Pocket PC indicating it is attempting to load a recognition engine. Tap OK and proceed. You may see another dialog box which outlines Transcriber editing tips. Tap Close to proceed.

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