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November 29, 2000
Volume 123
No. 2

Henry County Local Henry County Local

The Voice Of Henry County since 1862

This Week's Front Pagers...

Eminence Proud of Innovations

By Melissa Blankenship

Magazine and newspaper articles, TV appearances and visits by corporate researchers are uncommon events in this rural county, but they've become commonplace at Eminence Independent Schools lately.

At the Nov. monthly meeting of the Eminence School Board, Superintendent David Baird recognized the work being done by the middle school team, and namely Stephanie Sorrel and her "paperless" classroom facilitated with Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs).

"The PDA project has generated a great deal of positive publicity for our school system," Baird said. "It's nice to have positive PR, and we're pleased with all of their efforts."

A team of Microsoft researchers recently visited Sorrell's classroom to get first-hand information from students who use the PDAs on a daily basis to investigate possible improvements and modifications.

The classroom has also been the subject of a number of newspaper and magazine articles, gracing the front pages of the Henry County Local and the Lexington-Herald Leader, and on the front page of Monday's Courier-Journal. The students have appeared on a cable TV show, and CNN will be filming at the school in December.

"The middle school teachers and students have put in a lot of work into the program, and they deserve the recognition they're getting," said Eminence Middle School Principal Steve Frommeyer.


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