Making a CD into a WMP

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CDs were a lot more "compact" than records and certainly are better quality than tapes. But CDs can scratch and get so beat up than can quit working. Audio files never get scratched and they fit in your pocket a lot easier. They also do not skip. By the way, I need a MP3 player for my car! That CD player skips so much! That is what I get for buying it form the dealer! Get used to your Windows Media Player and you will hate that CD player. Here's  how to convert your CDs to your Windows Media files.  

To copy music from an audio CD to your Pocket PC, follow these steps:
  1. Open Windows Media Player on  your desktop PC.
  2. Insert the audio CD into your CD drive.
  3. Click the CD audio button to display the tracks on the CD.* If you are on the Internet at the time, WMP attempts to get the track info from a music database located on the Internet. 
  4. If you only want to copy certain tracks to your hard drive, make sure that only those tracks are checked before you click the Copy Music button.  
  1. Next click the Portable Device button. 
  2. Select the tracks you want to copy to your Pocket PC, and then click the COPY music button.