Loading Windows Media Player

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Playing music is something most students want to do when they get their PDA. Usually they do not know how to go about putting music on their device correctly. Every year we have a few people that want music on their PDA and do not know how to and eventually create an audio recording of a song by putting it up to their radio. Not the best way! The files are huge and they sound awful. That is why we have Windows Media Player. Your songs have to be saved in the correct format, MP3. Your first major step for having music on your PDA is loading  Widows Media Player on your Desktop computer
  1. Go to Windows Media Player on the Internet  
  2. Click on the down arrow to select Windows Media Player.
  3. Scroll down the page for the actual download button.
  1. Go to where the page reads DOWNLOADS for Windows Media Player
  2. Click DOWNLOAD NOW under the system requirements you have. 


  1. Click SAVE


  1. Click on the down arrow to pick the directory you want to save the file in. 
  2. Once directory is selected click SAVE
  1. Let the <mp71.exe> load
  2. When it is finished, click on the exe file and follow the instructions. Take all the recommended options.