Site Map

I.                  Our Paperless Classroom Home

1.     Creating Documents

a.    Using Different Input Methods

1.    Soft keyboard

2.    JOT

3.    Transcriber

b.    Using Pocket Word

c.     Using Notes

d.    Using File Explorer

2.     Using Outlook

a.    Your Today Page

b.    Using Calendar

c.     Using Contacts

d.    Using Inbox

3.     Transferring Documents

a.    Loading ActiveSync

b.    Hooking up Your PDA

    1. How to Synch your Pocket PC with your PC Video ~ low speed

c. Dragging Docs from PDA to your PC

4.     Reading on your PDA

a.    WWW and e-books

b.    Saving e-books on your PDA

c.     How to Use Reader

5.     Playing Music on Your PDA

a.    Loading WMP on your PC

b.    Converting CDs to WMPs

c.     Using Pocket WMP

6.     Beaming Documents

a.    Saving Your Document Correctly for Mrs. Sorrell’s class

b.    Infrared Send

c.     Infrared Receive

d.    Mrs. Sorrell’s Dreams

II.              Site Map  

III.        Teacher Resources on How to Use This Web Site  

IV.             Student Quiz